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Anji Feiteng Lighting Co. Ltd. is a professional company in design and produce the raising & lowering device for high mast more than twenty years. It’s a number of the China Association of Lighting Industry.
Our products FJ series raising and lowering device is a Specially Designed for High mast and it has six working load grade as 200Kg ,300Kg,400Kg, 600Kg ,800Kg and 1000Kg. Extensive used in sea port, air port, high way and plaza etc. We own more than twenty patents. We also research and develop the lifting device for CCTV and breaking system as optional parts.
Our products export to many countries, such as Australia, Italy, Russian, Canada, Middle east, New Zealand, Malaysia ,Taiwan etc.
We will make our best to provide the lifting device for high mast with high quality, safe and reliable to all of our customers.

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